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Annameka A Mukerji

Founder of Smart Communication Hub. I am a Mindful Communication Coach. I train Working Professionals to overcome fear and anxiety in their Interpersonal Communications without being judged or labeled using Tarot counseling and  Spiritual modalities so that they can rewrite their professional success stories.

Our Services

Mindful Communication Counselling

Level 1:

Mindful Communication Counselling Package

A career tarot consultation for overcoming fear and anxiety.

Mindful Communication Healing

Level 2:

Mindful Communication Healing Package

Spiritual Healing Therapy for communication blockages.

Mindful Communication Skills Coaching

Level 3:
Mindful Communication Skills Coaching Package

Advanced communication skills training.

My Story

As I quote a few of my favorite lines by Rabindranath Tagore,


"Where the mind is without fear and the head is held high

  Where knowledge is free
  Where words come out from the depth of truth...

  Where the clear stream of reason has not lost its way
  Into the dreary desert sand of dead habit
  Where the mind is led forward by thee
  Into ever-widening thought and action
  Into that heaven of freedom, my Father, let my country awake."

Words have always fascinated me. Growing up, my grandfather introduced me to the world of writing, weaving stories with the magical use of profound words. His experience in the field of newspaper reporting greatly influenced my own writing style. Looking back now, I realize that those early experiences were my first steps into the realm of smart communication. Hello, I am Anamika Mukerji. A Mindful  Communication Coach and Tarot Card Reader specializing in overcoming the fear and anxiety of working professionals in interpersonal communication using Tarot counseling and Spiritual Modalities. 

Surprisingly it wasn't always this way. My journey has been a long and winding one, filled with self-discovery, trials, and triumphs.

My Story

I was just a regular person, much like you. As a child, I was introverted and shy. The fear of talking to people and the anxiety that gripped me during social situations was paralyzing. It felt like being trapped in a cage, watching the world go by without being able to participate fully. But deep down, I knew there was more to me than my insecurities.

The turning point in my life arrived when I met my first remarkable world-renowned tarot mentor. I was phenomenally drawn to her, sensing that she held a key that could unlock the mysteries of the mind and soul. I discovered my spiritual mentor my Hierophant.
This notion sparked a fascination within me, and I felt compelled to explore it further. Embracing this intrigue, I began studying Tarot, immersing myself in the symbolism, history, and meanings behind each card. Little did I know that this journey would not only help me find my answers but also transform the way I communicated with others.

Free Resources

Throat Chakra Guided Meditation.jpeg

Throat Chakra Guided Meditation 

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Active Listening 6 Super Techniques

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Aware Communicator 6 Ultimate Steps



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